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This module sets out concepts relating to the secure use of Microsoft Word Processing.


Course Objectives:

  1. Work with Word documents and save them in different file formats.
  2. Choose built-in options such as the Help function to enhance productivity.
  3. Create and edit small-sized word processing documents that will be ready to share and distribute.
  4. Apply different formats to documents to enhance them before distribution and recognize good practice in choosing the appropriate formatting options.
  5. Insert tables, images and drawn objects into documents.
  6. Prepare documents for mail merge operations.
  7. Adjust document page settings and check and correct spelling before finally printing documents.


Entry Requirements:

  • Demonstrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills (English) at a level equivalent to Employability Skills System (ESS) Literacy Level 4.
  • ┬áDemonstrate numeracy skills at a level equivalent to Employability Skills System (ESS) Numeracy Level 4.


Mode of Training: Classroom
Course Language: English

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