Service Partnership

Course duration 16 hour
service partnership

One student enrolled

Course Codes: TGS-2021002703

Course Level: 4

Course Language: English

Mode of Training: Classroom



This programme is intended to provide the skills and knowledge to establish and maintain relationships with service partners to enhance service excellence. This includes the implementation of continual improvements to boost confidence that service partners have on the organisation and thus strengthen relationships with them. In addition, learners are exposed to the concept of using design thinking to personalise the customer experience for a lasting customer relation. By doing so, it will bring up the levels of service and enhance the customer experience.


Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, learners would have gotten several learning experiences of information gathering , information analysis and how to develop business growth by understanding our Clients’ needs.  A competent individual will be able to perform the following after completing this course:

  1. To identify the types of service partners
  2. to establish relationships with service partners by briefing them on the organisation’s vision, mission, value and customer-focused strategy
  3. to understand the roles and functions of service partners in the service supply chain
  4. To identify and adopt the various methods to assess service partners performance & areas of improvement
  5. To strengthen relationships with service partners by communicating with them and the team the importance of continual improvements
  6. To identify and adopt the various methods to strengthen relationships with service partners
  7. To implement continual improvements to strengthen relationships with service partners
  8. To communicate reasons for continual improvements to service partners
  9. To communicate continual improvements to team
  10. To obtain feedback from service partner on improvements
  11. To monitor service partners’ performance after implementation of continual improvements.


Entry Requirements:

  • Able to speak, listen, read and write English at a proficiency level not lower than the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualification (ES WSQ) Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 4.
  • Manipulate numbers at a proficiency level not lower than the ES WSQ Workplace Numeracy level 4.
  • Able to apply and contextualise skills and knowledge in a range of complex and non-routine work activities in a variety of work contexts
  • Able to plan, implement and manage projects at the workplace

During the course application, applicants who do not fully meet the entry requirements, will be subject to a counselling session with the customer service executive and will be rejected from the course registration.

If the applicant would still like to proceed with their enrolment into the course, he/she will have to sign on the counselling form that they are aware of the requirements and commit to personally put in extra efforts to close the gap (e.g. pairing up with their colleague–where available, etc.)


Registration Process:

Please refer below for the registration procedures that need to be completed and returned to us via email before the programme commencement.

For enrolment form for Skill Future WSQ courses, please contact our friendly staff from the Learning Academy
Tel: 91699660


Requirements for passing WSQ courses:

  1. Minimum attendance of 75% for all sessions in the modular course
  2. Should be assessed competent (C) in the modular course


Delivery Mode: 100% Classroom facilitation

  1. 14hrs – Classroom facilitation
  2. 2hrs – Assessment


Pricing and Funding: Click here.


Feedback and Evaluation:

For each run of a WSQ Registered Course, there will be a formal feedback system which shall

include minimally an evaluation questionnaire to be completed by Trainees at the end of the run

to assess the relevance of the WSQ Registered Course to its intended purpose, the quality of the

WSQ Registered Course, and the effectiveness of the trainer(s).


Appeal against ‘NYC’ Result:

Trainees wishing to appeal against undesired assessment results may do so by submitting the completed Appeal Application Form within 2 weeks from the assessment date to the Management Representative (MR). There will be a S$20 appeal fee that all appellants have to pay. If the appeal is successful, the appeal fee will be refunded.


Statement of Attainment:

Upon successful completion, the trainee will receive a SOA for (insert names of courses)

To register, please fill up the Course Application Form and submit to Training Admin.

For the Course Enrolment Form, please contact us.


Contact Us:

If you have any questions or feedback in relation to the courses and appeal process, please call our friendly staff from the Learning Academy
Tel: 91699660

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